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Satoshi Tagomoti

An OSS author, living in Tokyo, and working at Treasure Data, Inc. Many of my contributions are for data processing software, like Fluentd, Norikra and many other software for data processing.

“JRuby with Java Code in Data Processing World”

There are many great way to use JRuby, but one of biggest some is for glue between Java world and Scripting (, Lightweight, user-friendly or...) World, I think.
We, Treasure Data: data processing service company, have some good example for this case, Norikra and Embulk. These two OSS product have completely different purpose and architecture, but both have very similar mind for using JRuby.

I'll talk about what these software are, why/how these software uses JRuby. and also about the community around these software (especially in Japan).