Image of Anika Lindtner

Anika Lindtner

Anika was born and raised in Berlin. Since July 2013 she works at Travis CI - as the first woman and the employee Nr. 6. She runs the Travis Foundation, aiming to make open-source even better and with it manages Rails Girls Summer of Code - a three months scholarship program in Open Source.

Anika once was a poetry slam artist, a teacher and worked at an ad agency. She can also draw monsters, knit hats with pom poms and likes urban gardening.

“How you can fix your community in one day”

This talk will teach you a magic trick. It will show you to stop our communities from breaking apart. Studies have shown that half the women who enter the technology field will leave over time. HALF! What’s happening? How did we get here? What can we do? In my talk I will show you how we can fix the diversity problem, and why we should care. I'll tell you a true story about about role models, Rails Girls Summer of Code, broken stereotypes - and cat gifs. How to build community-driven initiatives that change our world. And the best part is: Everyone can do it. In one day.