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Jason R. Clark

Jason fell in love with programming as a young boy watching his dad work in Clipper and dBase III (no, really). The obsession sparked there continues to this day. He works for New Relic on the Ruby Agent, and in his spare time contribute to the Shoes project. When not at work, he enjoys cycling, homebrewing, and hanging out with his family.

“Get Your Shoes Back on”

Years ago the enigmatic Rubyist _why created Shoes, a tiny GUI toolkit for writing fun, simple applications in Ruby. Shoes served as the foundation for Hackety Hack, a programming environment specially designed to be accessible to kids.

In the wake of _why's departure, many people assumed Shoes was finished as well. Such is not the case!

Shoes has continued to evolve and grow, and the latest revision (Shoes4) builds off the cross-platform strengths of JRuby and SWT. If you've ever wanted to write a desktop app as easily as you write a web page, Shoes is for you. If you've ever wanted to get involved in a welcoming, accessible open-source project, we'll show you how to hack on Shoes.

Get your Shoes on, and let's build something awesome!